Saturday, 28 July 2007

Red Bull Air Race ~ London!

Today was fabulous!

We went to the air race over the Thames, in London. As my sister's boss works at Red Bull, she gets some pretty cool complimentary tickets... and gave us some :) They would've cost us £50 each otherwise! Eeek. Grandstand tickets.

We sat behind a Richard Branson lookalike... even took a photo of him! haha Felt like saying 'hey Richard, re those Virgin tickets to the USA we bought last week...?'

The weather was fine and then not, up and down. It didnt rain though which was great.

They were only doing the qualifying times today, but they were flying as if they were racing... was wonderful to watch! We took loads of photos, and a couple of videos, but you dont get the sense of SPEED they were going by looking at them! They were going over 400km an hour!

Great fun, and glad we could finally go.

Went to Longleat last year and they didnt get to fly due to terrible weather. Traffic was horrendous too... we were literaly on the road for 10 hours that day! I think this was a huge reason why they thought to bring it to London... Longleat and the winding lanes and farm fields for parking just cannot handle 100,000,000 people!

Red Bull Air Race - London, July 2007

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