Friday, 6 July 2007

Spontaneity in love

We often write little notes for eachother... hubby especially. I'll walk to the bathroom mirror, and there'll be one there... then I'll walk to the fridge - one there attached to a magnet... and then I'll (of course, and he KNOWS this!) have to check out VT, and there'll be one sitting on the keyboard. Little love notes :)

I love it.

He came home with a card a couple days ago - I'm having a bit of a rough time and he knows this, and the card (with his little love essay inside) just made me cry... and laugh.. and then cry again.

He gets me flowers, and not always on Fridays... can be any day. I love his spontaneity! He also came home with Hitchcock's DVD collection the other day.. big surprise for me :)

I just got him something too (hiding next to the bed at the mo), which I wont describe in case he reads this.

It's the back tickles, the cups of tea, washing one's back with those special rough bath washes etc. that make the difference. We do this for eachother all the time - not every day, but it doesnt have to be a special day like a birthday etc.

Every day I am so grateful to have him at my side. We chatted again re this this morning too. I honestly dont know what I'd do without him, but somehow, we all cope.

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