Tuesday, 3 July 2007

The call of the wild in the Kruger Park

Kruger National Park - Flower's Kruger

This world famous National Park in South Africa was founded in 1898 and is just under 2 million hectares in size in total. It is, to me, so much more than a piece of the planet where flora, fauna and animal are preserved and protected, it speaks of a childhood spent in avid attention of the detail and attention to life that this park offers. I have been here many a time and have never been disappointed.

Were I to choose any one dream job in the world, it would be to live in this park, studying it's life - both bush and animal alike, photographing, documenting, drawing and illustrating it. If I never saw a human being it wouldnt phase me (okay, my hubby would be with me), but to spend unprecedented time in this world in the wild, would be an honour.

Kruger National Park - Keeping a watchful eye on us...
Keeping a watchful eye on us...

Natural and wild

The Park is massive and boasts large herds of animals in varying shape and form, an example being when a herd of over 500 buffalo were seen crossing in front of us when we were on our way out of the park at sunset in 2002! Click on the buffalo pic to see what I mean by 'being watched' :)

For the wild animals who live in the park, each and every day is a struggle to survive, so every sense must remain on high alert, throughout the day, and the night, when most predators actually do their hunting! As the numbers of wild animals dwindle though, due to man encroaching on their terrain, plus due to hunting, so too are the opportunities to see them in their natural state and context dwindling. Parks like this are godsends.

Kruger National Park - Self-drive in a 4x4! :)

Come on in and experience it! Experience this vast park, choc-a-block with wildlife and outstanding scenery in the comfort of your car (self drive) or with a knowledgeable, registered and friendly guide. It's your choice.

Enjoy accommodation of all types (from basic to luxury), good food and the best wildlife experience ever - an all round must-see if you are travelling in South Africa, Madiba-land :)

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