Saturday, 14 August 2010


Today has been a day of reminiscing.

I have been looking at loads of photos and videos.. of holidays, renovations, fun times with family and friends. It's amazing how much one forgets... and it's one of the reasons I so enjoy documenting my life with the camera.

I have loaded 3 links to webshots... with slideshows of...

(1) Our old home in Fish Hoek (Cape Town, South Africa). My mum's place, I stayed here with my brother for a couple of years, and then a further year of married life... prior to us moving to London. Mum then let the place out to holiday makers for a few years and has since sold it.

(2) Our first buy. Wimbledon (London, England), 2004. We bought a flea pit of a one bedroomed flat and gutted it and did it up over two years, and sold it for a decent profit in 2006. We worked all day at our full-time jobs, then spent every evening and weekend working on the flat.

Good thing hubby has the skills and technical experience and know-how.. and I have the creative eye... and we both had the passion. Living in a building site aint fun though, so we were happy when we sold it.

(3) Our second buy. An investment home... a 2 bed/2 bath townhouse in Randburg (Johannesburg, South Africa). Well located and in a lovely complex, it's easily let and was a good investment.


  1. I can't imagine living in the UK & in Africa. What an exciting life you must have! I am sure all the work you did today with the pictures brought back a lot of memories! Getting organized feels so good!

  2. Thanks for your comment Libby!

    We still live in London and are moving back to South Africa within the next two years.

    One of my brothers lives in the States and we visit him as often as we can (NC).

    We enjoy travelling :)

  3. What a nice suprise this morning findng you as a follower on my site. I am in awe that someone like yourself would want to follow my crazy life. lol
    I see we have a friend in common Libbie. Libbie has been such a blessing to me this past year and I can't wait to meet her one day.
    Love your site and like Libbie mentioned I can not imagine living in Africa or London.
    I am excited about getting to know you.
    Thanks again for joining me

  4. Jen,
    Looks awesome here. I am so glad you are back in the blogging world. I have missed you! I have been a little MIA lately, too! It has been crazy around here.
    Much love and hugs,

  5. Thanks Maggie!! Love your name by the way. Life is so full of surprises and joy... and I like to share this with others. It's the little things that make all the difference. So encouraging!

  6. Found you over at Maggie's. I tried opening your videos but was not able to do it for some reason. Sorry I missed this. I'm sure they were lovely.

    Looking forward to following.


  7. hehe the time zone differences are playing havoc here ;)

    Andrea... I am glad to be back too. God bless xxx