Thursday, 26 August 2010


I will share two coincidences that have happened to me...

We (from Joburg) booked a self catering stay in Kenilworth (Cape Town) in the early 90s for a holiday.. only to discover upon chatting to our Gruncle (great uncle in England) that he had booked a holiday to Cape Town too.. at the same establishment... over the same period less one day...!!! We were neighbours too it turned out when we both arrived!!!

Another one...

My mum remarried and had a different surname to us (O'Connor)... and we had a man knock on the door, saying he was doing the O'Connor family tree... could we add our family bits to it...?

So he hauled out the family tree and we saw my paternal grandmother there! Her maiden name was O'Connor too, she had died of cancer when my dad was 17 yrs old, so we'd never met her... and we found out through this that HER mother (our great grandmother) lived in Blairgowrie (about a 10 minute drive away!!!) from us!!! The paternal family were all in CT - not the greatest of communicators - we never knew of a great grandmother, nor that she was living on our doorstep!

We contacted them, she was living with a cousin... and met up with her at her home... she was 93, as deaf as anything and quite a character. Was weird, I never met her daughter (my gran), hardly knew her grandson (my dad).. and here she sat! She died about a month afterwards too... so it was extra poignant we met her :)

What coincidences have you ever had that were just amazing?

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