Friday, 6 August 2010

Odd call...

'Oh hello, I am sending xyz over to you this afternoon, she'll be there at 3pm'

(baby tries to grab phone cord)

Erm... 'sorry, who are you?'

(shuffles baby to other hip)

'Oh, it's Olivia'

(baby starts squeeking for attention)

'From where?'

(baby stuffs gob-soaked hand down my blouse)


(wondering what Reed is... rescues baby's hand)

'And what is this in connection with?'

(stops baby from eating my hair)

'You are Jennifer, aren't you?'

(baby starts getting niggly)

'Yes I am. But I have no idea who you are..?'

(baby getting more niggly...)

After a good few mins it was ascertained she was trying to get hold of Jennifer xyz from abc company who were recruiting. How she didn't acknowledge there was a child with me is beyond me.. who takes their baby to the office...?

Now... if she had told me at the start who she was I could have told her straight off she had the wrong number...

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous11:05 pm

    Aren't some people so funny? I have had that kind of call too in the past. Better than te callers from India though!!! ;-)