Friday, 6 August 2010

British Citizenship - 4 August 2010

Taxi home!

Jazz singers in the back ground of the Moroccan Restaurant.

We got it!!! Finally.

There was a rainbow in the sky last night, which was fitting. A new dawn :) We have lived in the UK since 2002, and paid many thousands of £ to live and work here and it'll be a relief that this can now end. Even though we have full ancestry immigration rights, it has taken a while. We could have got it a year ago already, but preferred to wait till my sister also qualified for it, so us 3 could do it together.

We celebrated with a lovely Moroccan dinner last night and will be celebrating with our English family soon. Doesn't feel too odd tbh, we have such a strong British heritage and the bond has always been there. It fits.

My lineage is 100% British... my mum just happened to be born on Saffa soil, then moved back to Cheltenham, then she and grand-parents returned to SA.

I'm still a mad Saffa chick... just with a larny accent now ;)

Do any of you have
dual citizenships? Care to share your story?

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