Sunday, 1 May 2011

Royal wedding celebrations

We arrived back from our whirlwind trip to South Africa on the morning of the Royal Wedding, of William to Kate, oops... I mean Catherine :)

My advice? Do NOT go to Heathrow on the day there is a big event in London. Mayhem! Thankfully me being on crutches (hence wheelchair assistance) got us to the front of the humungous queues.

So once my sister had located us in the maze that is Heathrow, we headed home. She had been housesitting at our home whilst we were away.

We had our usual Easter egg hunt (who said there needs to be children around to have an Easter egg hunt? haha)... and then we settled in with scones, jam and clotted cream, tea and chicken wraps to watch THE wedding.

How lovely, and how refreshing to see a young royal couple in love - a wedding so traditional and yet with their personal modern tastes too... like the trees in Westminster Abbey instead of bouquets of flowers... and them driving out with 'JUST WED' on the number plate of Charle's aston martin... modern and young, and refreshing!

The nest day we had a dear friend, Kristi pop by. She came to London from Chicago to see the wedding... she got as far as Hyde Park.

We took her to Richmond Park (King Henry VIII's hunting grounds), where we had a British/South African picnic, and then showed her Richmond. We live in a beautiful part of South West London... it's green, lush and quite beautiful. A different beauty to our beautiful South Africa... but a beauty that stands on her own.

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