Monday, 23 May 2011

I'm going potty!

I pop outside, finally managed to get all the kids asleep at the same time...


grab a banana and a book, sun hat on, and out into the garden I go to catch a few rays..
then *THUD*... a huge pot plant sails by... about 10 cm from my head!!!

Do I tell the neighbour about her flying pot plants?
She is an oddball deluxe.
Won't be going near that part of the garden till she's taken the others away, that's for sure.
We had very strong winds here, which dislodged them.

They are dangerous... and not small pots either, the plant that fell is about 80cm tall.
If she doesn't answer her door tomorrow I will complain to the body corporate,
and get someone to her - see if they can remove the remaining pots.
Other neighbours are so nice thankfully.
Her boyfriend and her (she reminds me of Yoko Ono, he of Einstein, but taller) are off with everyone.

Do we stay inside today, to play it extra safe?
I have little kiddies... worried about their safety.
Or do we just stay away form that part of the garden?
I think that's the best bet.

Silly neighbour.

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