Monday, 16 May 2011

Cape Town beckons

I have been yearning to return to South African soil for a couple of years. The decision was between London and Cape Town, after our latest little holiday in South Africa last month.

After 4 years of not visiting Cape Town, the mother city of my birth and a place I hold so dear to my heart, when I touched down, I knew I was HOME.

We returned to London, my heart lifted. My decision was made. Cape Town it would be!

But my husband has taken a while longer to decide. He has very real concerns re safety and our financial future. We are well settled and comfortable in London, and would have to start all over again, were we to return. As the man of the house and head of our homr he feels the responsibility of such a move more than I do.

We have been having disagreements, which is unlike us. The thought of living in England for the rest of my life, where many things have been so great, is unthinkable for me, as this is not where my heart is.

Stale mate.

My sister comes round yesterday to spend the day with us. It being such an emotive subject, it doesn't take long till it is brought up. Her contribution as an *outsider* is spot on. She acknowledges how our personalities differ (I am an entrepreneur, more of a risk taker and visionary), he has never been self employed and is less adventurous. Nothing wrong with that, he is more careful than I perhaps? I make decisions quickly and assertively. He has a more considered approach.

I think this is why we do well together... we work off and complement each other.

So, after a couple of hours of chatting in depth with my sister, she prayed for and with us.

Anyway, when she left for home later in the evening, he told me he is happy to move to the Cape, believes it's the right thing...!!!!!!!!

I cannot tell you how RELIEVED I am!!! I know far too many South African girls who remain here as their partner/hubby isn't keen to move to SA (whether they are Saffa/Kiwi/English etc.). Odd how it's always the girls who wish to return more than the boys? This has been apparent by the friends and family that have returned thus far too. The lads have listened to their wives though and gone back, and are HAPPILY back.

To remain in the UK is an easy head choice... to move to South Africa has to be a head and heart choice. And until one realises this, the decision cannot be made. Who leaves a 1st world country with good jobs, travel etc.?

Only a heart decision can be made in this regard.

So, I need to be here till end next year due to my operation (complications are higher the first two years post op), and we are looking at returning early 2013... depends on when we buy property there. Will hopefully manage to keep our Johannesburg property which is tenanted (is an excellent long term investment).

I will start another childcare facility there (in Durbanville), Lance will come into business with me. We are both going to study for a national Qualification (my qualification and courses I have done in the UK count, but it's best I do a South African teacher training qualification too as some things are different btwn the two countries). This is a total career change for Lance and he needs to do this. So we will study together.

We are also keen to be creative again and make handmade recycled products like I used to in Cape Town... so the play school might be half day, then the arvy be for making products etc. We will see. We have plenty of time to sort out the nuts and bolts.

Either way, the biggest decision has been made... we are returning HOME :)

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  1. Anonymous4:29 am

    My comment flew away. I am so glad you have decided to go to Cape Town. I think you belong there ...I really do.