Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Thinking ahead...

I know I will miss London loads. There IS so much here that is wonderful.

Lance and I are making a concerted effort to see more of London, revisit places we haven't been to in a while, see new things. Tomorrow we'll hop on the train together and go to the National Art Gallery and Portrait Gallery. Haven't been for a while. Have lunch (they make delicious soup) in the crypt at St Martin's In The Field's Church there in Trafalgar Square.

It took my brother about 6 months to stop feeling terribly homesick for London.. and even now he misses it.. which is understandable. This is an amazing city.

New start. New home. New business. New church. New friends.

Sure, we will have so much that is familiar to us too. But people change. Friends change. The country has changed.

How will I survive without eBay and Amazon??? haha

But I will. And probably more easily than I now realise. It's just a case of getting used to different things again... like no public transport. Telkom. Slow internet. Not having the luxuries for a good while till the busienss is up and running ... like DSTV etc.

All new.

But so exciting!

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  1. So much to see and do in London. Hope you settle comfortably in your new home.