Sunday, 13 March 2011

Baby brain

Is there such a thing? I have never had it so wouldn't know... but is it for real, or is it an excuse for out of the norm things?

You'll never believe what happened last week, I opened the door in the am to a SCREAMING child with his shoe off... mindee's dad says he tripped over mommy's coffee on the floor. I asked what they'd done with the burn (all over his foot) and he said nothing much, a little cool water on it, but there were no blisters and they were sure he'd settle soon with me.

So I immediately first aided him (put a burnshield on his foot), which calms him down for a while, but he has a death grip on me. Bless him.

Then the screaming starts again a while later, and he doesn't stop. L and M start crying too, seeing how much pain he is in.

I call mother, phone is off.
Phone dad and he says he'll try get hold of mom.

Anyway, he ended up going to the doc... which is what they should have done in the FIRST place. Mother tried to make excuses for thei coffee being on the floor due to *baby brain*...

So...? Does this condition called 'baby brain' exist?

Would love some feedback.

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