Saturday, 26 March 2011

A busy weekend!

I was awoken at 5am this morning with a...
''Hey Jen, can we come and see you in 20 minutes?''
In my drug infused haze I thought she was havin' a laugh.

She was for real! Deb had dialled the wrong Jen.
Mad Ozzie chick.
I had to get up then anyway to say bye to Lance who was on his way to work,
so I haven't struck her off the Christmas card list. Yet.

So, back to the drugs...

Last night we were happily going to the movie theatre with pals,
my arm was tucked under Lance's, partly for romance, partly due to me limping a bit,
(I had strained my knee muscle dancing a couple of weeks ago).

Next thing I know, as we are *safely* crossing the road at the traffic light,
some blasted driver decided us pedestrians should all RUN across...!
So we dashed to the pavement and my already weakened leg gave way beneath me,
I heard the cartilage and the shooting pain, fell against Lance. Went to A&E.
X-rays showed nothing broken thankfully, I have twisted cartilage and muscle.


So we cannot go to tomorrow's big (much awaited!) rugby game at Twickenham,
I'm sat at home, sleeping on the couch (can't do stairs), pumped with painkillers,
and I've closed up shop for at least a week.
All that stress and £££ lost due to some prick's friggin' impatience.


How is your weekend thus far?

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  1. Anonymous2:43 am

    So sorry you got hurt Jenn. Let's pray for quick healing. That is so funny that Deb. phoned you. I wonder how much it cost her.

    Your pictures below are beautiful, Diane xx