Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Today's hospital visit

I saw the nutritionist and my surgeon today... and am VERY happy t report that they are both happy with my progress thus far!

I am also happy to report that I thought I had lost 24 kgs, and actually, my scale is 2 kgs off apparently... and so my weight loss has been an astounding 26 kgs thus far!

I am so chuffed.

Mum went with me to the hospital for the appointments, and it was lovely having her company. She now knows who the people are who have made such a difference to my life.

I met up with Lana, who had her op (gastric bypass) literally after my vertical sleeve gastrectomy, she was in the bed next to mine at hospital, and it's bee lovely keeping in touch re how we are both coping.

Scarily, she has had FIVE trips back to the surgeon since her op.. for wound infection, and problems with her swallowing food... I feel for her :( I do hope she is able to eat again soon. She is not unhappy having had the surgery, as her diabetes is gone now, her arthritis is better too amazingly. But the poor lass is HUNGRY. She is unable to swallow properly, and needs fuel.

And... I again realise how incredibly fortunate I have been... from being fast-tracked for the surgery, to having NO complications at all post surgery.

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