Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Birthday gallivanting

So we had a quiet family day on the 30th January, my actual birthday.

After church we went to Bar Estilo, a lovely restaurant overlooking the Thames River, in Richmond. Strawberry daquiries, paella, fish, lamb shank, meatballs and salad were the orders of the day.

We then went for a lovely walk along the river and afterwards we saw 'The King's Speech', with Colin Firth. I am sure he'll get an Oscar for this! Brilliant movie (I know I am biased where Darcy... oops, I mean Firth... is concerned... but he really did do a stirling job here!)

We finally put our heads on our pillows after midnight, with work in the morning... absolutely knackered after a weekend of party hosting and gallivanting... but so worth it.

Went to bed with a weary smile on my face :)

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  1. Anonymous3:20 am

    Great pictures Jen. I do have a question......do you like Colin Firth?
    Diane xx