Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Mixed feelings

Well today is the day that mum starts her new adventure in the States.

Mixed feelings my side. We've had 5 weeks with her here in London, and they've been super!

She is feeling a tad uncertain re thus huge change in her life over the next two years... South Africa and the States are quite different places to live.

Plus... she will be missing out on my brother and grandkids in South Africa... But the upside is she will be spending much needed time with her other son and 3 grandkids (one whom she has yet to meet!), in North Carolina.

Bittersweet indeed!

But change of scenery is good. And necessary sometimes.

Mums had to say good-bye to her life in Joburg... Her beloved church, home, work in the RDP community, friends and family. Not easy to do.

This brings to light our own plans to move on in our life.

We were going to return to SA before this, but due to my abdominal surgery, have post phoned it till next year, so I am close to my surgeon should anything go wrong.

We are heading to SA to the part of the country we hope to relocate to, in April. To do a thorough rekkie re where to live and what business idea we have will most likely take off there.

Then we will put our Joburg property on the market, then buy another property with our relocation... Then, God willing, move back after the Olympics in 2012.

We cannot miss living in the Olympuc host city whilst the games are on! We are very close to the Tennis and Cycling venues for the Games.

Hope we can get tickets! Is on ballot system.

Anyway, thinking of mum. She's at the airport now and will board in an hour. Sending her a virtual hug. Love you ma xxxx

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  1. Jen I didnt realise that your mum was relocating to the USA. All the luck to her in this new venture, and of course to you and Lance xx