Monday, 7 February 2011


It's been a difficult couple of weeks. Much illness in the house!

Hubby got a bad case of the flu, was off work for a week. Very high temperatures, achy etc. Thankfully I can keep him upstairs and the children that come to me downstairs, or else I would have had to cancel them.

Then he got better and ma got sick.

She's been here for nearly a month, is staying in the guest room. She heads off to the States to stay with Shaun and Becky for a couple of years on the 18th Feb or so (need to buy the air ticket today, I mustn't forget!!!).

She's had high temps etc. and there again, good thing she can stay upstairs, so downstairs can go on as per normal (as much as possible). I ensure she has loads of fruit and crackers and liquids, now that she can stomach anything again.

I have been quite worried about her though. Hate seeing my loved ones in pain/trouble :(

So, even though it's Monday and I should feel rested, I feel anything but. Playing nurse continually to family, and looking after all the kids every day too, who also have their niggles.

Let's hope the sickness bug leaves the house soon and things get back on track. And I don't get sick!

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