Wednesday, 22 April 2009

National election day in South Africa!

Voter turnout has been phenomenal today!

Sadly, the ANC is very likely to win, far more people have registered to vote than ever before, I think mostly because all the previously apathetic people are trying to ensure that they do not get a two-thirds majority rule. There is word that that Zuma plans to change the constitution (to suit his own purposes due to his two recent court cases on charges of rape and corruption respectively) and our constitution can only be changed by a two thirds majority on the entrenched provisions.

Already, one presiding officer has been shot at a polling station in an attempted robbery. Another has been arrested for pre-marking ballot papers in favour of the Anc. A third has been killed in a motor vehicle accident.

We are only a few hours into the voting.

One good thing was that I phoned my mum as she was voting and, as she has just turned 60, she got moved to the front of the queue... hehe. Fabulous! In 1994, the last national elections I could vote in (they were the first democratic elections!) , I stood in the queue for 7 hours... madness.

So, how do your national elections compare?


  1. Hey
    looks like ANC will end up with 65%.DA on 17% and COPE on 7%.Am so worried cos this 65% is really close to the 67% we absolutely do not want.Are you sure you couldnt vote?I thought SA overseas could go vote

  2. No, we couldn't sadly. It's fine if you are overseas at the time, and resident... but we are resident in the UK.

    I am pretty sure Zuma will be in... eeek! Not sure about that at all... we are returning to South Africa ourselves in the next couple of years, and hope it'll be okay.