Friday, 20 February 2009


I had a bit of a turn last night again... inhalers and steroids didn't work, so had to be nebulised. Thank goodness I have a calm husband who helped me get through it. No need for the ambulance this time. He then sat up the rest of the night watching me sleeping, making sure I was okay, and never slept a wink. I got 3 hours at least.

It kinda put perspective on the paperwork for OFSTED I had been stressing over earlier in the day yesterday... my health is so much more important, I am so blessed to be married to this incredible man, PLUS I am darn fortunate to have that paperwork, because it means I have work... (and daily I am hearing of people being laid off here and in the US) :(

My problem now is my lungs haven't recovered fully yet from that attack. It knocked me for 6. I got a lil cold (pressie from one of the kids this week), and that is not helping, it so easily leads to chest infections with me.

I took my peak flow earlier tonight and it's less now than it was when they let me leave the hospital (eek!) in Nov... am seeing the doc tomorrow and am concerned they'll send me in for overnight observation. The 'overnight observation' last time ended up being 5 days. But if an attack is looming, it's best I halt things now, not leave it too late like last time.

That's why I am still up, I am trying to control my breathing and coughing. Lying down makes things worse.

Might try and see if I can fall asleep now (sitting up), I am knackered.


  1. I have asthma and two of my sons have it, too. It is not fun dealing with it..never a good time to have an asthmatic episode. I will be praying for you. Blessings on your journey, andrea

  2. will say a prayer 4 ya!

  3. Prayers for healing, health and blessings.

  4. I was grumpy because I didn't sleep but that was because a huge wind howled all night and my husband snored! Your post put all that in perpective for me - you were struggling for air- God bless you dear heart!!

  5. Thank you so much for your care everyone! :)

    Unfortunately it has developed into a nasty little chest infection, I am dosed up and getting better. This episode quite literally taken my breath away...