Saturday, 14 February 2009

Can an *immigrant* truly ever feel at home?

So there was this question asked in the Facebook group I chat in:

'Still pondering on this topic and wondering if those who moved permanently ( or for a long time ) to other countries, ever feel fully integrated or can truly share the concerns of their adopted country ? Does interest in your original country predominate or after time is what's going on locally of greater interest ?'

My reply:

'Yes and no.. in my work (design and childcare) I feel fully integrated and part of the team always. They don't in any way single me out as being different, but see me as a professional and co-worker.

But often when I have met English people socially, at someone's home or at a pub, the fact I am South African is nearly always brought up, and it's not a biggie for me, there's loads else to chat about.

I am very interested (and concerned if need be) in everything that still goes on in South Africa, yes... but am equally interested (and concerned if need be) about things that happen locally in England.

I do feel a certain kinship with England, not because I have lived and paid taxes here for nigh on 7 years, but because my grandparents were all English, so I have strong roots here. Even though I know I am technically an immigrant, I don't feel like one at all tbh.

But that's possibly because I have gotten involved with local stuff, have made an effort to see as much of the country as I can etc. How else could I have settled here happily?'


  1. What a beautiful potrayal of your heart...loving and belonging...proof that one can grow and bloom where they are planted. Blessings in your continued journey, Andrea

  2. That's nice. Glad you feel at home!