Sunday, 8 February 2009

Greetings this (not so) new year of 2009!


Hello all! We are back from our holiday in South Africa... had a wonderful time and have loads of stories to share... and I have started with these fine cats from the Kruger National park in Mpumalanga! I don't know why they're all facing left - I just noticed that...

This leopard was hiding in some bushes to the right of the road we were travelling on. My husband had a spotter light with him and he saw him. Colour is funny as we didn't have a decent flash with us. We took video footage too.

We were on a sunset drive, just us too and two guides - so spoilt! We exchanged lots of stories and had fantastic chats with the guides about their homelife, what their job means to them (these guys are keen conservationists who have a genuine love of the animals and flora and fauna etc.), what their vision was for the future - for them personally, and the country etc. A very special time indeed.

We were really spoilt this time in Kruger (were there for 5 days), we saw 3 leopard! Saw loads of other animals, birds and insects, but seeing leopard is harder as they are so elusive, and we saw 3 in 2 days. Incredible!

Hubby saw all 3 before me (typical hehe), the first leopard was stalking some springbok across a road we were on (I was too busy photographing waterbuck behinds to see this unfortunately, happened too quickly to photograph), and the second leopard came through the reeds to the Lower Sabie River, for a drink. We were staying in tents on the river so had a great view of it. Too quick to photograph too though. The third leopard we saw was the one above. So special!
The colour on the leopard isn't great as we had the wrong flash with us, we got some lovely video footage though!


This lion was lazily enjoying the sunshine alongside a river. It was taken between Lower Sabie and Crocodile Bridge. There was another lion nearby. Self drive

This lovely cheetah was calmy walking parrallel to the road between Lower Sabie and Crocodile Bridge. Caused a right traffic jam! Self drive.


  1. Anonymous7:21 pm

    Hello...nice to meet you! Wow amazing vacation you had and fantastic pictures! I will definitely be back to look at your blog again! Thank you for stopping by my blog, in answer to your question, I write for all age groups but right now, for young adult. I'm currently working on a series and when thats done I'm planning work on a middle grade reader (what a surprise, these are the age groups of my children! ha ha)
    Are those all your cute little kids down there, and the baby not getting the joke? How adorable!

  2. What a wonderful time you all had! I look forward to reading your stories about your adventures.

    Glad you're back on line:-)

  3. What an awesome adventure. Cant wait to read more about your trip......awesome pictures, andrea

  4. wow! beatiful creatures! The 'cat' family has always been my favorite animal. When I was little girl I can remember always wishing to have a cute baby tiger cub as a pet to raise :O) ~ but, of course momma didn't let me get one!

    glad you are back!!
    looking forward to hear more of the adventure.
    God bless,

  5. Thanks ladies!

    I will get to writing about it and share the stories (especially the wild animal ones!) soon, I am trying to get an extra assignment doen this week for my diploma. Did one this weekend and trying to get a second out... and run a home... and work full-time... oh, and trying to look beautiful through it all (yeah right!);) Will write soon!!!

  6. The photos are beautiful. I am so glad you enjoyed your vacation and made it home safely. I am looking forward to your stories about your trip.

    Have a blessed evening,

  7. Incredible photos! I absolutely love God's creatures. The big cats are probably my favorite. Oh I would love to see them so close in their own environment. God is just amazing! Thanks for sharing these. :)