Friday, 7 January 2011

Back from a splendid holiday in South Africa!

SA was amazing... The sunshine and laughter and swimming all the best kind of medicine :)

The food?

Well, many foods I battle to digest, am on a continual learning curve.

Biltong proved my protein mainstay on a daily basis. As I eat such a few calories, I need to eat little amounts of protein frequently, to keep going... and biltong proved to be the perfect thing. Most of it I can digest, it differs day to day. If I cannot digest it, I at least enjoy chewing it and tasting it. Unfortunately I do have to spit it out often though. But at least I am getting some things down!

Peanuts are another easy source of protein I can carry about in my handbag too. Obviously, eating too many of them is not good for you (fatty!), but I eat only a little and they hit the spot, which is what I need. Edemene beans are something I keep at hand in England for this purpose.

Chicken is very hit and miss. Depends how it has been cooked and how soft and crumbly it is. Pork has proved quite good. Steak is a big no-no.

Dairy is not ideal. When I have a protein shake (when I feel I cannot eat food, but need protein), I SHOULD be having it with milk, not water, but I cannot have it with milk. I hurl every time. What was a tad worrying in South Africa was I kept hurling up my shakes even when they were mixed with water. I have never had that happen before, and can only put that down being in the heat. It was late 30 deg C the whole time we were there.

I battle to eat bread, sometimes I can eat a little bit of a roll. But generally, bread is too stodgy and a no-no for me now.

White, soft fish like hake and cod is fine. I tried a kabeljou in Johannesburg and it was much too heavy... a pity as it is a beautiful and tasty fish! The other occupants at the table enjoyed it though! ;)

Seafood is another no-no it seems. I have had little prawns which seemed to go down fine, then the next day I won't be able to eat them. I have to spit it out/I hurl/dry hurl. Sorry for sounding gross, but this is my way of keeping a food diary of my wls process, and I have to be quite blunt about it.

I tried some prawns at the Ocean Basket at Hartebeespoort Dam, and they came out practically immediately. I literally had to dash for the loo. And felt so nauseous. I really need to be careful.

Not being able to eat certain foods is worth the incredible health benefits I am experiencing though... like experiencing my first winter in England steroid-free :)

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