Monday, 17 January 2011

1 cottage pie in the oven!

So I cooked a cottage pie, posted a photo of it on Facebook, and had to send some virtual pies to my friends :)

That one photo got quite a few likes and comments... my brother was amazed that a meal would cause such online chatter hehe

I am making another one today. When I spoke to mum on the phone in South Africa yesterday, I asked her what meal she would like on her first evening in London.. and she said it was a toss up between sausages and mash, and... you guessed it!

Cottage Pie.

Hence another cooking in the oven currently.

So, what is the difference between a Cottage Pie and a Shepherd's Pie? I have been asked this a few times.

It's all down to the meat used! Beef mince used for the former, and lamb mince for the latter.

I make a simple pie: lean mince; tomato basil sauce; dollop of Mrs Balls chutney; diced carrots; petit pois; mashed potato; grated cheese on top.

Simple to make, filling to eat, a hearty meal on a chilly winter's day!

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