Friday, 14 January 2011

Asthma review

Well I had my asthma review with the doctor today.

They wanted me to have it with the nurse but I told them that the respiratory specialist was horrified when i told them the nurse does asthma reviews, as someone with my severity of asthma needs to be seen by the doctor only.

Proof was in the pudding as the meds I had been kept on (by the nurse) weren't actually doing the job AT ALL, I needed stronger meds! Which the respiratory specialist put me on immediately when they first saw me last year (symbacourt).

My improved asthma has been my biggest change thus far... I am hitting singing notes I haven't hit for years! :) It's also the most natural (hence slower at losing weight) surgery, which I preferred.

My asthma has improved for 3 reasons...

(1) Weight loss. Without a shadow of a doubt, the laregr you get, the worse your asthma gets.

(2) Correct medication. My asthma improved and my lungs strengthened when I was put on Symbacourt by the respiratory specialist at Chelsea and Westminster hospital.

(3) Protein intake. The 3 most important things everyday for a wls patient is to drink loads of water, take multivitamins, and eat protein before any other food group. And this has made a huge difference for me, because I never used to eat that much meat... and asthmatics need protein! So my increased protein intake helps my weight loss and asthma :)

The doctor said I was a good advert for obesity surgery, and said I had an excellent attitude... for eg. some people would be rather upset at not being able to eat certain foods for the rest of their life, but for me, yes it isn't ideal and I will miss things like the odd pizza takeout, Indian spicy food, steak, ice cream, bread etc....


I am NOT on steroids with all the backpain and shakes etc. and I can breathe on my OWN and this, for me, is a godsend! The continual clamp seems to have been magically unclipped off of my chest, and I can get up the stairs with nary a wheeze.

It is ONLY a plus. And is something I am so grateful for... and whereas I will miss certain foods, the positives FAR outweigh the negatives.

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  1. Anonymous5:30 am

    Jen I take that symbicort also and I really like it. It has made a definite difference to my COPD. I take two puffs a day.
    You are doing so well and your attitude is wonderful.