Wednesday, 22 June 2011

My (dream) studio

Maybe I should just call it my office?

Nope, it's a studio.

A place of reflection, of creativity... a space just for me.

If at all possible, I think it's a good thing, a sound thing, to have a space of your own in your home. A place to chill. A refuge.

So, what goes in it then?


My long folding table I bought at the auction house years ago in Wynberg (Cape Town, South Africa). I went there for the auction, but preferred what the auctioned pieces were sitting on!

A comfy chair - preferably with wheels, as I dynamically go about my multi-tasking (as per usual haha).

A bookcase - for all my art and crafty books, and all those Katie Fford and murder mystery novels that I probably will never read again, but don't feel like taking them down to the charity shop just yet. Oh, and lots of photo frames of beloved family members of course.

Gosh, this is going to be one large bookcase! Floor to ceiling I think.

Or just install a deadbolt. The basics first, of course. Desk, office chair, computer, printer, files. Ample stock of paper clips and Pentel Rolling Writer pens, black, medium. Then, the rest. I’ve thought a lot about how I would want it to look, and what I’d want in the room, from simple things to never-gonna-happen. It can’t hurt to aim high and then figure out how to do it on a budget, right? I figure there’s a lot of HGTV and DIY Network in my future. All that said, here’s my wish list: For soul: many, many bookshelves For wall colors: deep red and turquoise For texture: leather, wood, silver, some mercury glass For comfort: a window seat and a comfortable chair (Love this leather chaise…have no idea how to buy it or a price. It’s a dream piece, for sure) To sip: coffee or Penfold’s Shiraz Cabernet For mood: music, windows with a nice view Little things that make me happy: a cup full of sharpened pencils, and an endless supply of fireballs If I could add a one more thing to this list, it would be a fireplace, but my room is on the top floor, and that’s probably not an option, at least not anytime soon. But a deadbolt? So is.

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