Saturday, 18 September 2010

Saw the pope and was nebulised!

What a morning.

He was staying up the road from our home last night. Helicopters have been flying overhead. I was walking to the doc up my street and stopped at a roundabout where a traffic cop stopped and halted traffic ... along came a nondescript vehicle, windows weren't tinted, and there he was sitting. Apart from the mini motorcade, he would have gone by and I wouldn't have even noticed... they were travelling along the quieter streets.

Got to the doc, 5 min walk from my home... battling to breathe, in tears (always get scared when I cannot breathe)... they made me WAIT so a man who needed injections for travelling could be seen first before they nebulised me!!!! Un-freaking-believable.

Then... the nurse (who I have never seen before) starts lecturing me on my weight!!!!! I couldn't say anything as I was being nebulised with a mask over my nose and mouth. I told her afterwards, 'pls look at my file before you say things in future'. She turned pink. If she had CARED to have a brief glance at my medical history she'd see I am having weight loss surgery next month for massive weight gain due to meds for my asthma and lungs.

REALLY frustrated as I am on the liver cleansing diet pre surgery, and now the antibiotics (for my chest infection) and the heavy steroids I am on again for my asthma are just piling the weight on :( I feel like I am btwn a rock and a hard place.

Vent (nearly) over.

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