Tuesday, 4 May 2010

World Asthma Day

Today is World Asthma Day.

I am still shocked at how little is known about this chronic condition and how non seriously it is taken by some people. As a severe asthmatic myself it worries me no end.

My own mum saw a man die from an asthma attack in front of her a couple of months ago... his inhaler had run out. He was trying to take it, and was panicking big time as nothing was coming out. The mums at the gate called the ambulance which got there quickly, but too late. They tried in vain to revive him for nigh on an hour. He died in front of his daughter!!!

Here's hoping that people start taking this more seriously... as childminders we are FAR more informed than the average person re this disease.

Let's educate others


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  2. Thank you so much for your encouragement Lydia :)