Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Bariatric surgery

The meds I have been on for 13 years, although good for my asthma when I battle to breathe, have certain side effects. Panic attacks, slow healing of wounds (eg: the mosquito bites I got in Israel on my arms have left scars as my skin cannot heal properly), a weakened immune system etc. the worse being rapid weight gain.

And my body just isn't coping with it all anymore and I am looking at having surgery to aid me in my weight loss a lot more quickly, so my asthma can improve with the weight loss, and I can get off these vicious meds, with the aim to only using my inhalers every day.

I've been in a vicious circle for years... my asthma is bad, I need steroids, I have rapid weight gain, this exacerbates my asthma, which means I need even more steroids, which means I gain even more weight .. etc. I have tried on my own to lose the weight but have to practically starve myself as I don't eat that much anyhow, but need to eat even less to counteract the tablets.

I lost 32kgs by literally starving myself in 2006 (to counteract tablets) through Lighter Life, and after a bout of heavy steroid use over the next 18 months, that weight returned... I lost another 12 kgs in 2008, but after my hospital stay (severe asthma attack), that returned too. So I need medical intervention.

I approached the NHS and have been happy with their service thus far - they are thorough and want to ensure this is the right step for me.

I have seen 3 specialists so far at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in SW London, and see the surgeon on 2 June. He will see whether I need to see another 2 specialists (respiratory and anaethetist)/set a surgery date.

I will be in hospital 3-5 days, and need at least a week off work thereafter. The week I go back to work my hubby will take off work to help with basic lifting, carrying baby upstairs etc. as I cannot do heavy lifting for 6 weeks after surgery. As soon as the surgery date is set I'll chat with OFSTED to ask about hubby being a temp assistant.

Am equally scared and apprehensive, but excited. Being this large has lessened my quality of life considerably and I am not coping. Physically/mentally/emotionally.

Interesting, the bariatric nurse told me that 15% of obese people actually under eat... the absolute opposite to what people might think. Meds play a far bigger role than we realise with weight gain.

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