Thursday, 16 July 2009

'It's raining, it's pawning'

Oh we certainly do NOT do things in half measure, Lance and I.

We have wanted a private garden for some time, saw a house we liked and jumped on it - and got it! Took us by surprise too I tell ya. Spontaneous decision. Thing is... we - and my business - will be moving into this house mid August! Have to arrange new certificates and register new address so can trade asap. All happening really quickly.

This happens a couple of days before our States trip (we'll just take a moving box each as luggage haha).... and at the same time as tenants are moving out of our other home in Joburg - then it's being painted, electrics checked etc - then new tenants will move in. A time when we really need to be contactable to sign new leases, check refs etc... and all happening whilst we have NO INTERNET, as it won't happen that quickly at our new home, and then we'll be away.

Not sure we thought about it that clearly hmmm, but this house is really nice and we were surprised we can afford one this nice in our area tbh.

ps: The title comes from a little 1 yr old girl I look after, Sophie... who says 'It's raining, it's pawning' when the rain comes down :)


  1. I wonder if that's a world record on fasted relocation. It wouldn't surprise me but on the other hand, Congratulations!!!

  2. Have an amazing trip and don't stress too much. Things have a way of working themselves out.

  3. Love those surprises that turn out to be blessings!
    GOD BLESS, andrea

    PS: urgent prayer request for mary at divinely designed on my blogs.

  4. Hey I did the same thing except the registration is taking so long even considering we were told that the workers at registration are leaving to go home at 12 coz nothing happening in the house sales biz here in SA.Good luck with your house.Mine will be on my name in Africa time

  5. I love the concept of your blog..^_^