Monday, 23 October 2006

So how strong is the call home?

A good question! It comes down to opportunity and what's right for us at this point in our lives. The opportunities have been good in London - we have worked hard, have settled, and are grateful to have good jobs and a lovely home. We spent the last 2 years renovating a dump in Wimbledon and recently sold it. Wow, what a project!

We enjoy travelling and London is a great base to do just that. My hubby has been all over the world already!

So many facets..., South Africa, South Africa Intro, photo, picture, image

On that note... when Africa is in your blood it's tough not to yearn for her soil (especially as there are so many people in need)... and, whilst we are living on this little island, we will continue to be vocal advocates of the majesty that is South Africa. Dramatic scenery and turbulent history. Very few countries have been through what South Africa has been through and have come through sans a war or a coup. A new government, a new constitution, a new flag and a new national anthem. A fresh start.

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