Thursday, 24 January 2013

Time to say goodbye!

I am off to South Africa. 

Will be visiting family in Cape Town and Johannesburg and celebrating my birthday next week in a children's orphanage where mum teaches, near a large township. The kids speak Tswana, have practically nil understanding of English but I am sure we'll understand each other well enough, mum gets through to them somehow! A hug and a smile is universal. 

We are both really tired, we haven't had a weekend (and only a few evenings after work) off since the beginning of December, setting up the new business.. Christmas was a blur. 

For those who don't know, we are expanding my childcare business and opening up a new day nursery... exciting times... but building patios (and party walls that we weren't aware of till we had the keys on 1 Dec!) and fences in the playground in the snow and ice ain't fun and the lad is tired and sore.

I have been interviewing till the cows have come home - have found half my team of staff already (4) ... which is great, have one more interview day on our return. We have both been hard at work inside the nursery and it's looking gorgeous.. a fun and inviting environment for babies and toddlers to happily paint, play and poo in.

Right now I just need to sleep for a few days - I have already warned my brother to not expect much of us the first few days ;) The holiday will rejuvenate us and we'll head back raring to go. 

Bye bye snowy fridge and hellooooo sunshine! :)

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  1. Anonymous6:16 am

    Jen I had no idea of your plans which sound wonderful. I wish you the very best. Now I will go back to being jealous that you are in SA. I am pleased for you........honest.
    Stay safe, Diane