Thursday, 1 November 2012


What are some of the spontaneous things you have done? My most spontaneous of late would have to be something I did yesterday... putting an offer (to lease) a premises I have not actually seen... 

I couldn't get to the viewing before another viewing was taking place and it's a GREAT location and perfect for another branch of my business... so my agent snuck in before the others and took a video walking around the property... came over to my place (a few doors away!) and showed me the video. Going on that *viewing* I made an offer for the asking price. 


Then came the hard(est) part. Telling the husband (who is a Director in our Ltd Co)... 

To be fair I had tried to call him when the agent was here but he's always in some dodgy signal site in London... so I had to go with a gut (and head of course!) feeling. Hoping to see it tonight... crossing everything! Of course, not signed and sealed till contracts are signed anyhow.

You done anything stupid... I mean... spontaneous of late???

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