Tuesday, 18 September 2012


10 years ago today we arrived in the Ole Smoke with a suitcase each and £700... we have a *bit* more than a suitcase each now! haha 

It was R17 to the £1. Ouch. Having said that, it's about R13.50 to the £1 now as well ... certain people in SA open their thick gob and the Rand plummets. 

I had never flown abroad before that Jhb to London direct flight. It's been a very FULL and exciting ten years that's for sure! Some incredible lows (as happens in life hey!) but far more highs, and overall, an exciting time. 

Even now, so much happening and exciting times ahead in business, and in these dubious financial times, that's a boon. Life sure ain't dull.

So, cheers to you London. Thanks for everything :)

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