Tuesday, 28 February 2012



There are still some around, even in this money-hungry, narcissistic world we live in! I had a chap make me an iron shoe rack a while ago... he makes all kinds of custom/standard metal/iron goodies. 

I then bought some new largish mugs and couldn't find a tree mug strong or big enough that would hold them, without spending a fortune... so asked him if he'd ever made one - he hadn't... we emailed back and forth with design ideas etc. He made a product sample from 'bits left in the workshop'... and sent me a photo of it. Perfect! Expecting an invoice then.... nothing came. 

Today a courier brings me the mug tree all the way from Northern Ireland... he will not charge me for the tree or for the courier cost...!!! 

Having done 'freebies' in business before myself, I can only put this down to good customer relations..? Totally unexpected... and what a lovely mug tree! 

Have you given/received any freebies of late? 

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