Friday, 9 December 2011

How do you celebrate Christmas?

We've just started the Christmas season with a 3 day trip to Nice in the French Riviera... we had an amazing time... the Christmas Market started on Saturday, the ice skating etc. Huuuuge ferris wheel (which I love and Lance doesn't!! But he went up anyway bless him!). Was great. Will probably get to putting these pics up before my Caribbean pics at this rate.

Working with kids, we have tons of Christmas activities, personalising stockings, making decorations etc. The tree will go up this week. We are seeing various extended family members over the next 2 weeks for Christmas meals, on Christmas Eve we (hubby, sis and I) are dining at a lovely restaurant in Richmond, Christmas Day will be understated with church, a roast and then going to the soup kitchen to help out. 

We do pressies for immediate family adults only if we are with them at Christmas, the nephews and nieces always get gifts, they are young still. For us it's not about the hype, the commercialism... we do get into the spirit of the season though 

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