Thursday, 3 November 2011

Update my lovelies!

A quick update since the vakansie et al. 

We had a lovely trip to the Dominican Republic. 10 days of sun, swim and snorkel! I will be posting a photo album on Facebook soon. Thanks for the lovely anniversary messages, 10 years flies by so quickly! Our 20th anniversary will be in SA for sure! :)

The Caribbean was a lot of fun, friendly people, yummy fruit and a laid back attitude. Difficult to see the poverty in the third world town you drive through (Santa Barbara, Samana District), before you arrive at a 5 star resort. And then being served in a very colonial style atmosphere. Went against the grain in a big way. But we did get into it and enjoy it, as you'll see in the photos. Have attached some for those not on FB.

The one huge downside was the humidity, the heat I can take, but I really battled with the humidity, and 3 days before we left I developed a nasty rash. Blisters all over my chest, neck and face! My skin just couldn't handle the intense humidity. Was lying low and only going out when necessary/in the dark. Never loved the cold as much as I do now. I itch the one minute, and sting the next. Have cream mask which is helping loads. Nasty to look at (and bright red!) and itchy and sore. Kept skin cool in the shade of the pool and had many cold showers and aloe vera. 
I look a sight, surprised passport control let me in! I looked diseased. When I got back I saw the doc and chemist and with antihistimines and creams (and bally steroids!) it's coming right. Most of the blisters have gone, just have some on my chest and arms now. 

I do have a secondary (doc says) reaction, where my skin goes bright red when warm... so am keeping as cool as possible, and fanning myself a lot (mini electric fan). I cannot even go into a store as their heating is on, it's chilly outside now, but I stay put in the cold while Lance goes inside.

Re the hospital appointment last week, I had the xray (for bruised ribs due to coughing - asthma), and ultrasound (for weird lump on abdomen). I haven't got the results back yet for the xray, the ultrasound doctor told me I have a small hernia next to one of my surgery scars, and that the swelling is probably leaked fluid/something from the stomach. Hmm! I then got a letter to see my doctor, and am seeing her on Tuesday night after work. I guess she'll say whether she deems it necessary to have a  little hernia op (and draining of excess fluid in abdomen), or just leave it be. This is the first complication post surgery a year ago, so I am not complaining.

It's been great being back with the kids. They keep my busy and say the funniest things. Little Will (age 2) tells his mum she needs to buy 'Jen Jen' socks every time they go shopping... hehe... I do wear brightly coloured, fun socks most days, these kids miss nothing! All healthy except for usual little winter sniffles (lovely break from the hand, foot and mouth, and chickenpox I had to deal with just before the holiday!). 

Lance has battled getting into work mode this week, his back is really sore, he needs to get back into his good gym regime again (I cannot go back to gym till my rash is gone). He is being very good with his meds after his diagnosis of ankylosing spondylitis, but with this, coupled with scheuermann's disease, the lad is taking strain. But hardly complains. Went to work with two back heat pads today. I wish he could stay home so I can look after him. Taking it day to day.

Apparently it might snow this weekend, and we have a friend staying with us (a Capetonian who is moving to Sri Lanka after 14 years in London) Friday night, and then off to Lance's sister in Kent till Sunday. Hope we don't get snowed in hehe.

Mum, having lunch in Beaconsfield with Gruncle on 11 Dec, will see him again when you're here in Feb. Christmas lunch with Aunty Trish and fam in London on 17th. 
Brothers, much love to wifeys and my lovely nieces and nephews (and Becky's tum!). 

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