Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Gosh, it's been a tad mad around here of late. Trying to keep up with the usual swirl of life on crutches is neither easy nor comfortable. I should be grateful I no longer have to traverse the stairs on my backside, I know, but the day I can throw my rather funky purple crutches out of sight (not in the trash as who knows when I might - no, WILL! - need them again!?), and resume normal activities again.

Rewind to the beginning of the month and I knew it would be a tougher one financially, what with being self employed (ie: no pay!) and going to South Africa on holiday. And, as always, we don't do things halfway, we are travelling to Cape Town, Johannesburg AND White River/Nelspruit while away. Extra stress. Extra expense. More fun. More family.

Add to that me having a client leave due to having a baby, and me having to wait a month till I fill this space... so less funds than usual coming in anyway, never mind the holiday to SA, or... the INJURED KNEE.

And here is where we hit hot water. Oh my, the cost of this knee.

I had a further loss of funds through having to take sick leave with said injured knee. So, while I was resting my cold compressed, raised knee, I was counting the pounds I was losing each day. Had to be done, I know. But oh the timing! And inconvenience.

Add to the holiday, losing a client and sick leave... expensive (private) physio and rehab. I have been VERY fortunate in that a client of mine works at this physio and has managed to get me a cheaper rate - instead of paying £62 per half hour, I pay £35). Still a lot of money, seeing as I am having at least 4 sessions a week, but worth every penny. It's helping me loads.

Much needed and appreciated... but so very expensive. It will come to at least £1k. A humungous added expense to a month where I have less than usual incoming funds.


I found R10 in my old diary... and texted Lance 'Spending money for SA - woohoo!' It's a joke. Won't buy me half a chomp chocolate (he so rightly said). But it's *something*, isn't it? Even if only a tip for the guy who will wash our windscreen at the garage?

So, finances aside, and I don't want to harbour on this, as next month will be back to normal (phew), I have also missed out socially. Typically, with the weather playing a part, we have full diaries.

My friend's High Tea Hen Party at a fancy hotel in Central London... which would have been nice, albeit me paying £22 (excl drinks) for food I shouldn't be eating due to my wls, but couldn't go to as it would have been too much with me on crutches, and racing around London in cabs.

Tonight I miss out on Priscilla Queen of the Desert production in the West End. A generous gift to Lance and I from his sister. They will all go without me, the 77 steps in the theatre are not exactly pulling me there!

Add to that church events, and other miscellaneous little events and get-togethers. I will just have to make it up when my silly knee is behaving again!

On a good note, I am happy to say, although the knee (and leg) is doing better, I can hobble round the house abit more now, keeping the crutch handy. Still having to use 2 crutches when out and about or in the garden. I do hope to be down to 1 crutch by the time I leave for South Africa next week.

So looking forward to seeing my family and friends there :)

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