Monday, 8 March 2010

Do you expect more?

Do you expect childminders/teachers to be moral people, with high values?

I do.

Not only within the confines of the contracted, working week, whilst working with mindees, but as a way of life... always. Good role models.

How can a bigot be a childminder?
How can a racist be a childminder?

Not only are they giving their mindees skewed ideas about society and the world, but surely, by their very behaviour and beliefs, they are going against EYFS... 'all inclusion' etc. ...?

It's bad enough if a parent passes their low value ideals onto their own kids..... never mind a childminder.

So, what do you do when you are shocked to see a childminder with these mannerisms/beliefs/condoning such... swearing/bigoted/racist/rude etc...? Do you say nothing? Do you say something to them?

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