Thursday, 17 April 2008

What makes me..?

People I admire & respect....

My partner & best friend, my husband
My magnificent MUM
My brothers, sister and their spouses
A handful of true friends
Nelson Mandela
My church leaders
AIDS and youth workers
Volunteers helping others, people or animals
Those that speak the truth & live by it
Those with courage & integrity

Things that interest me?

Old churches & villages
Geography & history
Theology & astronomy
Interesting doors
Antique books
Art & crafts
Ethnic jewellery
Making paper and wire work
Painting (on canvas AND walls)
Interior & Graphic Design
Driving on a pretty winding lane
Spiral staircases
Interesting movies
(like Amelie, Muriel's Wedding & Tsotsi)

What makes me shriek with laughter?

English comedy & humour
The funny faces my husband pulls
Having fun with my family and friends
Being tickled

What makes me sad/cry/angry?

I cry when I laugh alot! (fair warning to those yet to meet me.. haha)
Cruelty, especially to animals, children and the elderly
Mankind's selfish gain for material wealth and power
When people commit atrocities in the so-called 'name of god'
The amount of abortions that take place every day
The fact that AIDS is wiping out generations of innocent people
Ill manners, disrespect & intolerance
Cynical, 'know-it-all' people
Blaspheming & constant swearing
Lack of humility in thought, word or action
When I stub my baby toe

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