Sunday, 20 May 2007

Dorset and bershire stuff

We had a lovely trip to Dorset over the long weekend, visiting Stonehenge, Cerne Abbas (where we stayed in a converted barn), Dorchester, Swanage, Weymouth, Poole, Corfe Castle, StudlandLulworth Castle. Some pics are attached. We had superb weather and then it just turned nasty! But it was good to get away! and
The second lot of pics are from Painshill Park, where Judy, Lance, the girls and I went on a picnic! We had a lovely day together :)
Lance is very well, still at the same job and content. All the change seems to be happening with me at the mo, except for Lance's locks... which continue to GROW! :)
It's been a while since we have emailed with news. Mostly due to my injury (Lance is not into emailing as you know!), but it is a lot better! I was on sick leave from when I got back from SA in Feb, till mid April. My redundancy was then made official.
The Childcare registration is going really well, I have had my first premises/equipment/me inspection, from the head of Childcare for our Borough. She seemed very happy and gave me a thumbs up! She had two brothers needing a place immediately (with special needs), and would have placed them with me had I been registered already. A pity. I hope they have found somewhere good in the meanwhile.
Within the next 2 weeks I'll have another inspection - more detailed, and an indepth interview, from Ofsted, the education body. Then there is a third inspection, where they grade me... in a few months time. Our second bedroom is a playroom, and we have a large communal garden outside, plus Wimbledon Common... so it's pretty ideal for childcare really :)
I am so happy to be out of the corporate rat race to be honest, dont know how I put up with being at that company for so long (nearly 4 yrs). For those of you who have asked, I will not be taking legal action against them, too much stress and £££!
Another BIG plus with me being more at home is I get to see my sister and the girls more (yay!), plus it has given me the opportunity to (with another mother) start a creche on Mondays, whilst a Christianity Explored Course is being held at church. We have 8 kids currently, ranging from 14 months to 4 years old.
I have been fortunate enough to be doing freelance design work with a lovely company just outside Windsor. I can wave to Lizzy in her castle from my desk! I am enjoying the work and the people very much (aside from the 4 hour daily commute)... plus the fact that it isnt full-time is good as my arm isnt fully recovered. I am getting there though! The second cortisone injection really helped. I have some physio in a couple weeks, and then hopefully that will be that.
We have just had the flood damage fixed in our living room, kitchen and hallway - yay! Looks a lot better.
Our little cousin Charlotte (8 yrs) is appearing in Evita, the West End production, this month, and we are going to see her.. very exciting! She is a talented young lass with an incredible personality. Perfect for the stage!
We had an awesome holiday and it was wonderful seeing much-loved friends and family! Our next big one will be end 2008/start 2009, when we will do a driving holiday for a month from Joburg to Drakensburg, Natal Coast, Swaziland, Mozambique, Kruger Park, Pilgrims Rest etc. back to Joburg. It's my mum's 60th in January and we all (God willing) will be in the country together to celebrate with her.

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