Saturday, 13 May 2006

The African Lost City

The brain child of a man who had a Standard 8 (which in international terms means he did not complete his basic schooling), Sol Kerzner went on to create a fantasy-land in the form of The Lost City, with an incredibly expensive and ultra-luxurious palace, with facilities only movie stars can afford. The penthouse suite is a not-so-small fortune per night! More than 5 star material! Luxury in the extreme. This consists of a stunning fairytale hotel, and a waterworld-wonderland. There is a fake sea (with real beach sand and rolling waves), rapids, quite a few water rides etc. A lot of fun for adults and children alike.

He has built an oasis in the midst of this, and created employment for thousands of locals, where unemployment is rife. We never got to go here as kids because we didn’t have the extra money for the excursion, but as a young adult I started to go a few times with friends from Technikon, for pop concerts (Richard Marx), and to spend the day in the sun and sea in The Lost City.

Not being one who enjoys gambling, I didn’t do much of that – but if you DO enjoy gambling, this is a gambling mecca! They do conduct a 'responsible gambling policy', not sure exactly what that entails, but as it can become an addiction, they have obviously taken strides to prevent this. They work in conjunction with a National Responsible Gambling Programme Toll Free Helpline: 0800 006 008.

Easily driveable from Johannesburg (2 hours drive), this is a lovely day outing/week end getaway for the family, or with friends. There is a bus service that operates from some of Johannesburg's finest hotels.

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