Monday, 30 January 2006

My birthday!

Thanks everyone for the emails, comments and phone calls, it sure made my day, especially as I have been in bally bed all day. Caught a nasty little bug on Friday. Still on apple juice and water. Off work till Wednesday.

Something that REALLY sucks is that hubby has organised a 'surprise' chocolate birthday cake for me, and I can't eat any!!!! Aaaaaaaaaahhhh... (I say 'surprise'.. as he tried to hide it in the kitchen on top of the fridge behind something, but I found it hehe ;) It's really large too... I am not sure who else he is expecting tonight??? haha

Scrumptious huh?... yeah I can live with that!!! :))

*5 mins later!*

The 'mystery' of the cake is no longer a mystery.. hah... he was expecting family round tonight, which he's had to cancel due to me being ill.

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