Thursday, 21 October 2004

Perimeter fences are there for a reason...

Addo Elephant Game Park was one of three honeymoon destinations in 2001. Oh, how we loved it! There's nothing better than to be under the blue African sky, on red hot African soil, taking in the unrelenting African heat.


Or not?

A man was killed in Addo Elephant Game Park in 2005.

He was trespassing and was walking in an area he shouldn’t have been in, and, besides the fact he was trespassing, that area is home to predators and other animals that are ferociously guarded and protective around their young.

A female elephant charged at him and killed him. Upon doing their routine fence patrol, park guards found him, trampled in the vegetation.

Do NOT get out of your cars when in the game park area. Be responsible at all times!

Addo Elephant National Park - Keep within the camp fence

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