Thursday, 20 August 2009

A mini miracle!

Phew, what a week! After looking at 16 properties in all we got word
that the 1st property we had seen... was ours! The offer was accepted!

What a relief. A miraculous relief.

Thankyou to all who have been there for us this past week, for the
fervent prayer, encouragement and care. It means the world to us.

We learnt a hard lesson... and hopefully we won't have to go through
this property system again in the UK... where it is frowned upon, but
NOT illegal, to gazump. There is NO thought to the emotional,
financial and logistical ramifications of the selfishness of
gazumping. It is disgusting to do this to someone and yet it happens
all the time... simply amazing. What a sad and ugly society we live

Having said that.. I retract that. There are far too many decent and
moral people out there to all be labelled so. It's the bad apple that
always ruins the rest.

So the great news is, we moved in two nights ago and our new home is
gorgeous... We are so blessed to have the opportunity of living in
such a lovely area of Greater London.

The kids love the garden and we have visited the local village
already, celebrating our first day in the new home with a picnic party!

So over the next couple of days I need to continue packing, and
cleaning clothes for our holiday next week... Yes, California here we
come! We are off to Hollywood Beach, San Fransisco and Yosemite
National Park. A much needed holiday after this house palava!

So, bye for now, will write here if possible whilst away but doubt Ill
get the chance to.

Hambagahle! x

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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

The search is on!

The last 2 days have been a crazy blur. We've looked at 13 properties, put an offer (to rent) on one really nice one yesterday and will hear today if we get it - our problem is time, we are out of our current property next Tuesday so have 6 days to get into a new one!

We had put monies down on the house that fell through, so once we have moved into somewhere new we will then persevere to get that back.

USA holiday is definitely not a priority right now (even though 90% paid for eek!), home and business is.

My clients have been very understanding, they know this can (and does) happen. They are quite concerned though naturally. The kids are keeping me grounded... am so busy with them and cannot let them see my upset/worry. They can sense things are out of kilter though and I told them 'Jen Jen is feeling a little funny today, and needs lots of extra hugs and kisses'. they have been very obliging bless them.

We have a possible backup if this current one falls through... not nearly as nice (needs interior painted, bathroom redone etc..... which could feasibly be done whilst we are in the States for those 2 weeks, then be ready for when we return - not ideal, but doable). 3 more to look at tonight. Our problem is the urgency of it all.

Hard lesson learnt this week...

My family are praying, we haven't told many friends yet... Please continue to cross everything crossable and pray that we get this one today and that we can move in asap!

Monday, 10 August 2009


We had a funny feeling it might happen and it did. We were moving into our new house on Saturday and now have no-where to go. Might have to cancel our US trip too in 2 weeks time as finding a home and moving is a priority.

In overdrive. Viewing 5 places tonight, got 8 lined up for tomorrow.

There are some really awful cr@ppy people in this world!!!

* 'Gazumping' means they take on another buyer/renter... they've done this to us to avoid agents fees.

UK property law needs changing!!!!!